Thursday, April 20, 2006

Maryland Film Festival

These Girls' last stop on the North American film festival circuit will be Baltimore. It will be playing at The Maryland Film Festival (May 11-14). There is no confirmed exact time and date but there should be one soon - just check out the festival website if you are in the Baltimore area.

I've been to this festival before and it is a lot of fun so I will be there to introduce the film and drink any free beverages that might be on offer. The program this year looks to be pretty interesting and they run a series of films presented and introduced by prominent people - this year includes John Waters (one of Baltimore's more (in)famous exports), Matthew Modine and Branford Marsalis.

The last time I was there I received a wooden crab hammer in my gift bag and I have cherished it ever since. I can't wait to see what we get this year. There should be a blog just for festival swag - as I an writing this I am wearing a pair of shoes provided by a viral marketing company at The Toronto Film Festival. Although nothing beats a crab hammer - great when dealing with hard shelled sea food and also handy in a dark alley when your 'next project' starts falling apart. Bring it on Baltimore.

Or you can use your teeth.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Peek Behind the Curtain - DVD

You heard it here first - the DVD of These Girls will have a commentary track. Not just the pompous writer or the egomaniacal director blabbing on at length about his or her contribution to the cinematographic arts but the three wonderful leads of the film - the people you actually want to hear on a commentary track. A sparkling, uplifting addition to any viewing experience, Caroline, Holly and Amanda will lead you through the film telling witty stories and super secret insider tales. I am there as well – trying to get a word in edgewise – strictly as a referee to keep the three powerful starlets from wrastling in the sound booth.

We recorded the commentary in Toronto in March and this is an actual photo from the session – I kid you not. This is a photo of film stars without digital effects.

A curious aside – I had been up half the night before socializing and hadn’t had time to eat breakfast before our early morning session – my stomach was growling so loud the microphone was picking up the sound and I could hear it in my headphones. I hope the sound engineer cut most of that out but I think we actually talk about it at one point. (No, that is not a plane landing on the building).

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Whose birthday is that?

Whose birthday is May 16th?

A hint - they are a celebrity and I am writing about them on this blog.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

That DVD feeling! May 16, 2006

Not that it is big news anymore but These girls will be available on DVD May 16th both in Canada and the US. Pictured here is the box cover for the US version - which begs a question. Why is David wearing a shirt? He is shirtless on the theatrical poster but not on the DVD box? Matter of fact, I've never seen him wearing that particular shirt - is it even his shirt, is it even a shirt or some kind of diabolical digital creation? There are probably some very good marketing reasons for this - however these are questions best left to the distributors (practicing their dark arts).

This could be the biggest scandal since they airbrushed what's her name's what's its name.

I think there should be a special edition where the shirt is actually a sticker which you can peel off once you get the DVD home from the store (if you are into those things).

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gone Fishing?

Wow, I've really been neglecting the blog. It may look like this is due to laziness, sloth, or apathy - not true. The fact is I have been busy finishing up a screenplay and have had neither time nor energy to contribute anything worth reading to the blog. However there is some light on the horizon. Hang tight and I will soon be posting about more festival action and a whole bunch about the upcoming DVD release.

Hey, the spellcheck on this blog doesn't recognize the word 'blog'. Is that ironic or what?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Philadelphia Film Festival Wrap-up

These Girls went over big time in Philly - big audiences, big laughs. The highlight of the festival, for me, was meeting David Boreanaz' mother Patti and his father Dave Roberts (pictured). I didn't know this, but Dave is quite a famous broadcaster and has done a bit of acting as well - the acorn apparently doesn't fall far from the oak. From what I understand Dave has been a broadcaster for a long time but he almost looks younger than his son David - which I know is impossible. I can only conclude that if David stays out of that blazing California sun he will age exceptionally well. David's parents seem like very nice people so you can see where David got his good manners (his mother asked me if he had behaved himself on set and I assured her that he did).
As well,
they really know how to take care of their guests at The Philadelphia Film Festival - hats off to Guest Services. The Consulate General of Canada in Philly even had a little get together in the name of all things Canadian at the festival. A fun time was had by all.