Monday, July 31, 2006

Mexico City Wrap-up

The screenings in Mexico City went amazingly well. We had a great audience and there was a very lively Q&A after the screening. I managed to do all my press interviews and the introduction and Q&A (with a little help) in Spanish. So if there are suddenly strange quotes from me popping up - it was because I didn't know what I was saying. I met Luis Calazada (Quality Films) the Mexican distributor of These Girls and found out that it will be getting a commercail theatrical release there in September. He also insisted that we eat fried worms at lunch and I have to say they were tasty, crunchy and toasted outside with a soft pasty center. I will post any updates as I get them - I can't wait to see the Mexican version of the poster.

Above is a photo of the center courtyard at la Cineteca National - what a great place to watch a movie. Thanks to Ana Cruz Navarro, Mariana Padilla Lopez and Roberto Garza for hosting the festival and for taking such good care of us.

Thanks to the Canadian Embassy, Jeff Marder, Luis Archundia (academic Affairs and Audiovisual Industry Relations Officer) and The Film Circuit, Robin Rhodes and especially our driver (on loan from the Embassy) Ernesto.

Pictured here from left to right (and standing in front of The Beast). Ernesto, Jeff Marder, Robin Rhodes and Luis Archundia.

It was amazing to watch Ernesto maneuver The Beast through the crowded and crazy streets of the city. A space the size of a Volkswagen would open up beside us in full on speeding traffic and Ernesto would miraculously change lanes - every time I was sure there would be the sickening sound of metal on metal - but we bobbed and weaved through improbably calamitous situations with the grace of a gazelle. Ernesto had the manner of a true zen master, he never broke a sweat, and he never raised his voice - I never saw even a hint of stress cross his face.

I am awaiting some more lively photos to be emailed to me, so stay tuned for more Mexico stories.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Screening Alert! - Mexico City

Yes, These Girls will be screening in Mexico City on July 28th. If you know anyone who lives there let them know. The screeenings will be at the Cineteca Nacional on July 28th at 4:30 and 7:00. I will be there as well to introduce the film and field questions. I have had a few days to practice my Spanish in Spain so I am ready for almost anything.

Sí, Estas Chicas mostrarán en Ciudad de México el 28 de julio. Si usted conoce a alguien que vive allí los avisan. El screeenings estará en el Cineteca Nacional el 28 de julio en 14:30 y 19:00. Yo deberé introducir allí también la película y contestar preguntas. He tenido unos días para practicar mi español en España entonces estoy listo para casi algo.

(Warning this is a machine translation)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Down Under July 12th

These Girls comes out on DVD in Australia on July 12th (20th Century Fox). I have no details as to what will be on the disk. If you know anyone in Australia or have any contacts with Boreanaz fan clubs there, pass the word along.

Roo #1 "What's that Roo 2? These Girls is now available on DVD even in the outback?"

Roo #2 "That's what I'm saying - and pouch size as well"

Roo #1 "You don't say?"

Roo #2 "I do say"

Okay that's pretty bad but you try to imagine what Kangaroos might be thinking. This may have to become a regular feature here at thesegirlsblog. Matter of fact come back here on Monday and see the two Roos discuss Misandry as it manifests itself in both the text and subtext of These Girls.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Spain in July - Estas Chicas

The dates and times for the screenings of These Girls in Spain are as follows.


Wednesday July 12th at 8:00

Screening takes place at El Instituto Valenciano de Cinematografía Ricardo Muñoz Suay.


Thursday July 13th at 8:05

Saturday July 15th at 10:30

Screening takes place at Cine Doré

Las fechas y los tiempos para las proyecciones de Estas Chicas en España son como sigue.

Miércoles, 12 de Julio 20:00
El Instituto Valenciano de Cinematografía Ricardo Muñoz Suay

Jueves, Julio 13 (20:05
Sábado, Julio 15 (22:30)
Cine Doré