Friday, July 07, 2006

Down Under July 12th

These Girls comes out on DVD in Australia on July 12th (20th Century Fox). I have no details as to what will be on the disk. If you know anyone in Australia or have any contacts with Boreanaz fan clubs there, pass the word along.

Roo #1 "What's that Roo 2? These Girls is now available on DVD even in the outback?"

Roo #2 "That's what I'm saying - and pouch size as well"

Roo #1 "You don't say?"

Roo #2 "I do say"

Okay that's pretty bad but you try to imagine what Kangaroos might be thinking. This may have to become a regular feature here at thesegirlsblog. Matter of fact come back here on Monday and see the two Roos discuss Misandry as it manifests itself in both the text and subtext of These Girls.


Blogger Jo said...

Can't see anything resembling 'These Girls' in the Edinburgh International Film Festival programme - that's a real shame. Edinburgh's loss!

1:58 p.m.  
Blogger angelbones2 said...

Hi, any news on what the Australian version will contai?. Will it have the commentary? Also, my local video store couldn't se it in its list of coming DVDs.

3:55 a.m.  
Blogger Red Devil said...

That's it I am throwing out my membership to the Robbie Burns society - you win some you lose some.

I still don't have any more info about the Australian disk - only what is on the 20th Century Fox (Australia) website.

9:28 a.m.  
Blogger ... said...

It wasn't on my list of coming DVDs either, but it's there.

3:20 p.m.  

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