Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sex Sells! or Sex Sells?

One question about These Girls that has come up at several festival Q&A sessions is one about how hard (or how easy) it was to put the financing together. The answer isn't as obvious as it should be. I originally thought that it would be easy to raise the money for a teenage sex comedy - after all, are they not a popular type of film these days? I was shocked (at first, then just mystified) to find that many people had strong reservations about financing the film - some people just found the subject matter too risqué. I eventually convinced enough people who hold the purse strings that the resulting sex scenes would be funny and not at all offensive. And so far I have not heard a single comment or complaint about the subject matter. The one scene in the screenplay that was hardest to sell is now the scene in the film that consistently gets the loudest - even raucous at times - laughter. Part of me takes satisfaction in knowing I was right about how the scene would make the transition to the screen, although deep down inside I still secretly hope that at least someone will take offense. And of course, whether or not a sexy premise sells movie tickets is another story.


Blogger Boris the Bewildered said...

We Americans, take pride in our puritanism...oh, whait, it's not us actually, it's the few tight asses self appointed to speak for us...

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