Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Soundtrack Fact - Bettie Serveert

I've got this friend Pete (this is not a photo of Pete) and he is a music fanatic (a very mellow guy but a maniac when it comes to music). Everytime you go over to his place, Pete has to introduce you to something new he's dug up - it could be anything from driver training records to classic rock played by a sitar orchestra - really it could be anything. However no matter what the musical treat for the night is he always manages to play a few tracks from Bettie Serveert at some point. So when I was looking for tracks for the film their name came up. Pete insisted I try to find a place for their music in the soundtrack and once we got into the editing suite with a few of their CDs it was obvious. We even had a chance to see them live in Montreal at that same time and chat up the band - Pete couldn't make it as he had just had a fairly serious industrial accident (don't worry he's better now). Bettie Serveert are simply an amazing band live - highly recommended. Two tracks made it into the film, Smack and Have a Heart, both from the Log 22 album. Find out more about Bettie Serveert (and even maybe where that curious name comes from) at Bettie Serveert.


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