Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Soundtrack Fact - The Von Zippers

Hard as we tried to keep the soundtrack as female as possible - after all These Girls is about three girls coming of age - there had to be a male counterpoint. There had to be a music that spoke of maleness - a musical representation of David Boreanaz's character - Keith Clark. A friend of mine had lent me a CD from the Calgary band The Von Zippers which I played every morning during production. I used it as my rock and roll reveille - having just purchased a new powerful computer speaker system I could crank it up to the point where it would literally shake the ants out of the rotting foundation of the tiny cabin I was staying in. Now The Von Zippers are the rock solid backbone of the These Girls soundtrack - intensely played and meticulously recorded, they really give tired old rock and roll a kick in the ass. I've seen this film more than a few times but every time I hear the opening cords of Friday is the Spice of Life I want to jump out of my seat. Other tracks included in the film are Cracked Judy, Common Sense Party Theme, and Perfect - all off The Crime is Now! album. The Zippers are a bit shy so it is hard to find their stuff but hopefully I will be able to direct everyone to a sampling of their music soon.


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