Sunday, February 12, 2006

Soundtrack Facts - The Sunday Sinners

The overwhelmingly positive response the These Girls soundtrack is getting means a lot, because the editor, Ben Duffield, and I went to a lot of trouble to come up with just the right mix of energy and attitude to keep up with the film's three heroines. I wanted a soundtrack featuring predominantly female artists that rocked and even on a relatively low-budget I didn't want to compromise quality. We listened to a lot of stuff and went to a lot of shows over a period of many months.

One of the great finds during this search was The Sunday Sinners, who I just happened to see at a show here in Montreal where they were opening for Holly Golightly. After my ears stopped ringing and I came to my senses I knew we had to include them. I gave Ben the Demo ep I bought at the show and we ended up using two tracks in the film, A Sinner's Prayer and You Child. There has been a lot of talk about some bands coming out of the Montreal music scene which is all fine and well if you are in the mood for a nap but The Sunday Sinners are made of tougher stuff. So go to their shows if you can and buy their music - these people are not to be trifled with.


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