Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Those Girls

I just realized that for a blog devoted to a film called These Girls there are precious few photos of girls on it (none in fact so far). Here is a photo from The Toronto International Film Festival of the principle cast and me. These kinds of promo photos are kind of strange because I would get a call from the film's publicist to show up at such and such a place and suddenly I'm being ushered into a room with the cast for a photo session. Then I realized that Caroline, Holly and Amanda have been in makeup for hours and have dressed up expressly for this - however I have just rolled out of bed and my eyes aren't even open yet. I sometimes would get a blast of coffee moments beforehand or David would let me have something off of his breakfast plate, which seemed to follow him magically everywhere. Stranger still, I don't even know who owns this photo and I will probably get my ass sued for using it.


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